Our vehicles

We work with reliable contractors from all countries for years.

With our partners we have wide-ranging truck capacity in Western Europe.

Examples of our vehicles

punkt-weiss Semitrailers Plane / Cases
punkt-weiss Thermo semitrailer / Fridge Plane
punkt-weiss Fridge – Cases semitrailer 33 x Pal
punkt-weiss Avia 3,5 to payload, with and without trailers for express mail
punkt-weiss Vehicles with ADR – Facilities
punkt-weiss All vehicles are equipped with cargo- assurance provided

Lehnert & What : Fachspeditionfür the Balkans

Storage – Logistics in D- 95030 Court (Bavaria- Oberfranken)

Available: Court
Tel:. +49 (0)9281 140190 Fax +49 (0)9281 1401950