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Title Starting a Business in Romania
Subtitles Site analysis and practical guide for German companies
Author Michael Laserer
Pages 71 Pages
College Karl-Franzens University Graz, Austria
Type of Work Thesis
Fee 2005
Note 3
Language German
Media Paper / CD
Introduction:Romania is a country full of contradictions. On the one hand, Romania is one with an economic growth of 7% and taking with inflation and unemployment 10% 2004 the most successful developing countries of Southeastern Europe. On the other hand, Romania is the poor man of Europe – the five poorest regions in Europe are located there and a Romanian household has only 5% the purchasing power of a Swiss household.

It is precisely this poverty also supports one of the most intractable problems of the Romanian economy – corruption. Bribes have a long tradition and are still widely practiced today. Whether official, Doctor or judge, they all improve their low pay in this manner on.

The prevailing low level of wages (The average net monthly wage is only 150 Euro) However, a major attraction for investors. Since the takeover of the Romanian PETROM by OMV in December 2004 Austria is one of around 3 Billion since 1990 invested in Romania have become the number one investor. The number of registered companies with Austrian capital amounts to approximately 3.500. Germany lies to the Netherlands and France ranked 4.

Other motives for foreign direct investment, for example, with 22 Million residents of South Eastern Europe's largest market, in January 2005 introduced flat tax of 16% on profits and income, The favorable geographical position (Black Sea port on one side and still relatively close proximity to Austria and Germany on the other side), or the generous support of the European Union Structure – die PHARE, SAPARD and ISPA to Romania in its preparations for the by 2007 support planned EU accession financial. More