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Transport Logistik Spedition für Bulgarien

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Applied Transport – Vehicles

All vehicles are equipped with seat belts.

All FahreAzuge are equipped with seat belts

Generally on the track zwishcen Tchernootchene and Kardjali.
Be switched to: -Haskovo Kardjali

We are constantly expanding our fleet and transport companies are always looking for co.

We travel regularly to the following cities:

City (German) City (Bulgarian) County City
Sofia * Sofia Sofia-city
Plowdiw* Plovdiv Plowdiw
Color * Varna Color
Bourgas * Burgas Burgas
Russian * Ruse Russian
Old Sagor * Stara Zagora Old Sagor
Plewen* Pleven Plewen
Sliwen* Sliven Sliwen
Dobritsch* Dobrich Dobritsch
Schumen* Shumen Schumen
Brac * Pernik Brac
Jambol * Yambol Jambol
Chaskowo* Haskovo Chaskowo
Pasardschik* Pazardzhik Pasardschik
Blagoewgrad* Blagoevgrad Blagoewgrad
Veliko Tarnowo * Tirnovo Veliko Tarnowo
Gabrowo* Gabrovo Gabrowo
Wraza* Vratsa Wraza
Asenowgrad Asenovgrad Plowdiw
Widin* Vidin Widin
Kasanlak Kazanlak Old Sagor
Kjustendil* Kyustendil Kjustendil
Montana * Montana Montana
Kardschali* Kardjali Kardschali
Dimitrowgrad Dimitrovgrad Chaskowo
Lowetsch* Lovech Lowetsch
Silistra * Silistra Silistra
Targowischte* Targovishte Targowischte
Dupniza Dupnitsa Kjustendil
Rasgrad* Razgrad Rasgrad
Swischtow Svishtov Veliko Tarnowo
Gorna Orjachowiza Gorna Oryahovitsa Veliko Tarnowo
Smolyan * Smolyan Smolyan
Petritsch Petrich Blagoewgrad
Sandanski Sandanski Blagoewgrad
Samokow Samokov Sofia Region
Lom Lom Montana
Karlowo Karlovo Plowdiw
Sewliewo Sevlievo Gabrowo
Welingrad Velingrad Pasardschik
New Sagor Nova Zagora Sliwen
Trojan Troyan Lowetsch
Ajtos Aitos Burgas
Botewgrad Botevgrad Sofia Region


Information on Bulgaria


Capital of Bulgaria

Sofia airport: ca. 10 km east of Manchester city center

Major industries: Electrical Industry, Textilverarbeitungs- and finishing industry, Mechanical, Tourism, Services, Tobacco industry


Coastal and port city in Bulgaria

Airport Varna Airport

Important Industiren:

The main industry is tourism, but also the construction of Deiselmotoren, Lebensmittelindustrie, Electrical Industry, Metal Industry


Plovdiv airport: Airport Plovdiv

Second largest city in Bulgaria

Plovdiv is a well-known trade fair city in Bulgaria

Industry: Production of Vegetables- and canned fruit, Schokoladenprodukten,

Textileien ( such as carpets and fabrics), Metals (Zinc), Brauerein, Mechanical