Corruption in Bulgaria

Title Privatization and corruption in Bulgaria
Author Liliya did
Pages 60 Pages
College Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms University in Bonn, Germany
Type of Work Thesis
Fee 2003
Note 3
Language German
Media Paper / CD

Before 1989 prevailed in Central- and Eastern Europe and the countries
the former Soviet Union's planned economy and communism, dh. is
everything was government-regulated. With the collapse of
communist system began a transformation process of
a centrally controlled economy to a decentralized
Economy. This transition was with profound
political upheavals, social and personal
Emancipation and new opportunities associated.

In all transition countries, reform programs were
adopted, in addition to the liberalization of markets and the
Have privatization in the center of focus placed.

Through the design and implementation of appropriate
Privatization programs that the process of denationalization
are driven by business. These two objectives were in
Foreground. The first goal was to achieve a
sustainable macroeconomic stabilization and democracy
system as political order in all transition countries
connected. Second, because of the European Council 1993 in
Copenhagen decided, that the implementation of privatization
one of the economic criteria is, what the
Medium- and Eastern European countries for accession to the
Meet European Union should.