Our approach

For the import and export, with storage

Services for your West- Europe Ex- h. Import, out
all the Balkan countries
punkt-blau Projektdienstleistung
punkt-blau Storage + Envelope at the site
in 08538 Gutenfürst
Balkan Länder

Transport logistics

Our main office in D-yard operated exclusively the countries of Eastern Europe and the Balkans

As a modern service, we have opted for quality and perfect service. Especially important, Our employees come from the respective importing country and are contributing not only your Multilingualism, but use your profound knowledge of the country and trade, so that your goods will be delivered quickly and easily.


Truck Transport * Special transport * Expresssendungen * Project Management

Advantage in their businesses:

punkt-blau Assured availability of transport, even at high volume

punkt-blau Cheap rates year-round

punkt-blau Care for their transportation from house to house

punkt-blau Marine insurance on request

punkt-blau Flexible Transportflotte


Our camp is situated on the A9 – A93 – A72

Inexpensive to transport goods from Western Europe to us at our camp 08538 Hof-Plauen and vice versa.

Our service in Hof-Plauen, with experienced personnel from the Import Trade, include a careful quality control, Palettierung, Picking, ggf. a post-processing or storage. You will receive a detailed report after each receipt and immediately on quality issues / Manufacturing defects and possible improvements noted. Around, You never lose contact with your product.