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Our relations to and from the Balkans
Croatia – Bosnia – Kosovo – Serbia
Transports 0,5 – 25,0 to
Semitrailer 13,6 m long
Saddle – Thermo 13,6 m long
Cool / Frigo Saddle 33 x euro
Jumbo Transport 100-120 m³
Algarve – Logistics
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Lehnert & What : Fachspedition for the Balkans

Freight forwarding to Eastern Europe – Russia Balkans D- 95030 Hof - Windmühlenweg 4
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Mail forwarding

Logistics expertise for the Balkans

Looking for a reliable partner, you can trust blindly in terms of import and export? Then you close your eyes and lean back: We are here! As a specialist for all questions relating to logistics in the countries of the Balkans, we are expert at your side and will ensure, not only ensure that your shipments, but also on schedule to arrive at your destination. Our comprehensive service relieves you of all the tasks, you do not necessarily have to do yourself. In addition, the service is one of our native professionals as well, how the ongoing information, Therefore, the active transport care. So you always know exactly, how far your order is already running.

We combine the shipments to your customers and store your goods also in modern warehouses, But even if it should be delayed. Of course, we handle all contracts generally reliable, and with greatest possible care. In addition, we test directly to the loading point of readiness for dispatch of goods, giving you increased Standgeldkosten Save. It is also checked before being loaded by our drivers have the packaging with instructions, so that damage is ruled out of the transported during the journey as much as possible. Furthermore, we take care of the neutralization of the goods and guarantee for the delivery with the appropriate documents. Of course, we are your customers will not suddenly at the door, but orderly and timely notify the arrival of your goods.

Which cities we hit regularly in the various regions, balkan you can comfortably on the relevant pages of our web presence transporte.de View. Basically, we transport to and from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgarien, Kosovo, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania and Serbia. You determine the volume of course, as long as it is on 0,5 until 25,0 Tons measured. Our semi-trailers have a length of 13,6 M. The same applies to thermal-saddle. Our refrigerators and frigo saddle hold up to 33 Euro pallets. An exchange of pallets is free of charge. Very large consignments, we offer you for 100 until 120 Kubikmeter Fassungsvermögen an. If you have any questions about supplies from house to house or on marine insurance, we also provide you with this advice and support available.

You'll see: We will convince you with our comprehensive service along with professional competence. Access to, so you can release the entire process and put into our hands! Visit our special page Transportation Russia