Service for Ex- and import

Services for importers / Exporters to our office:

  • We examine the landings on whether the product is actually shipping and save you ggf. Standgeldkosten
  • Our drivers are checked before shipment if the product is packaged with instructions
  • We organize the neutralization ensure your goods and the delivery of your documents
  • We notify the charge to your clients
  • Euro pallets exchange is free of charge

(For all shipments within the EU are each 6 Hours for loading / unloading detention free)

Our performance on the road and in camp

  • Import / Exports by truck to special conditions
  • Care only by qualified personnel
  • Ongoing information about your product
  • Concentration of sales to your customers
  • On-time delivery
  • No transportation bond: Personal Collection od. Delivery possible
  • The rate of. long-term storage in modern storage
  • Reliable, neutral settlement
  • Active Transportbetreuung ( ….so you always know what's going on )