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All vehicles are equipped with seat belts for Bosnia, there is no legal requirement for driving bans.

We are constantly expanding our fleet and transport companies are always looking for co.

Information on Bosnia


Airport Sarejevo

Capital of Bosnia

Before the war (1992) a major trade and industrial center

Currently the biggest industries / sectors: Airlines such as B&H Airlines, Enerogpetrol, Tobacco Sarejevo ( Tabbakindustrie), Brewery ( Sarajevo Pivarna)


Has a rail link from HR- Vinkovici after Belgrade and Brcko.

Industry: Coal Power Plant ( Termolektrana Tuzla), Chemical Industry ( Sodaso), Industrial ( Tehnograd), Salzherstellungsfabrik ( Solana) , Seifenherstellung ( Detergents Factory) , Chlorchemie ( ABOUT Hloralkani complex)


Has an international airport

Hauptbahnstrecke: Ploce-Vinković

Industry: Textile Industry (Textile Industry Mostar , Moteks) , Metal Industry ( Aluminum dd Mostar), Toolmaking

We go regularly in the following places Bosnia and Herzegovina an:

City (German) Stadtnamen (Cyrillic) County City
Sarajevo Sarajevo Canton Sarajevo
Banja Luka Banja Luka Republic of Serbian
Tuzla Tuzla Tuzla Canton
Zenica Zenica Canton Zenica-Doboj
Mostar Mostar Canton Herzegovina-Neretva
Bihac Бихаћ Kanton Una-Sana
Br Brcko Brcko District
Bijeljina Bijeljina Republic of Serbian
Prijedor Prijedor Republic of Serbian
Trebinje Trebinje Republic of Serbian
Travnik Travnik Canton Mittelbosnien
Sorrel Кисељак Canton Mittelbosnien
Doboj Doboj Republic of Serbian
Cazin Cazin Kanton Una-Sana
Bugojno Бугојно Canton Mittelbosnien
United Kladuša Velika Kladusa Kanton Una-Sana
High High Canton Zenica-Doboj
Janica Kostelic Gorazde District Bosnisches Podrinje
Konjic Konjic Canton Herzegovina-Neretva
Gracanica Gračanica monastery Tuzla Canton
Gradačac Gradacac Tuzla Canton
Bosanska Krupa Bosanska Krupa Kanton Una-Sana
Mrkonjic Grad Mrkonjic Grad Republic of Serbian
Foca Фоча Republic of Serbian
Zavidovići Завидовићии Canton Zenica-Doboj
Živinice Zivinice Tuzla Canton
Sanski Most Sanski Most Kanton Una-Sana
Gradiska Bosanska Gradiska Republic of Serbian
Bileća Билећа Republic of Serbian
Lukavac Lukavac Tuzla Canton
Kakanj Kakanj Canton Zenica-Doboj
Livno Livno Canton 10
Chimney Chimney Posavina Canton
Rock Rock Kanton Una-Sana
Šipovo Sipovo Republic of Serbian
Window Window Canton Herzegovina-Neretva
Novi Travnik Novi Travnik Canton Mittelbosnien

Information on Bosnia